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From the start, the concept of Tranquilseas Eco Lodge was to have the smallest impact possible on the island and on the local people, while supporting every sustainable option on Roatan.

Tranquilseas was built from scratch with the goal of reusing septic water and collecting rainwater. Many different holding tanks were built and, with the use of aerobic bacteria, we are able to treat a high percentage of the septic water and re-use it for irrigation. Nearly all of our cleaning agents are biodegradable. We filter the waste water from the washing machines so 100% of the water is reused for irrigation to keep Tranquilseas lush and green, and to merge our resort into the landscape of our beautiful island.

Our thoughts on architecture and design were to use natural, indigenous materials bought from locals from the mainland and to give our guests an authentic feel for Tranquilseas, for Roatan, and for Honduras.

Even though we have a freshwater pool only a few feet from the ocean, we have trained our staff and made our guests aware that the use of chlorine is kept to a complete minimum.

Roatan is an emerging tourism island and so Tranquilseas does its best to promote recycling, with locals and with our guests. Tranquilseas is a strong supporter of the Roatan Marine Park which proactively educate the locals in sustainable living for a better future.

With everyday power coming from the only diesel power plant on Roatan (Roatan Electric Company or RECO_, Tranquilseas makes every effort to only consume power when we need it! We use high efficiency light bulbs, LED lights, and automatic photocells to automatically turn lights on and off making sure we only consume power when we need it and not to waste it! As Tranquilseas is a compact lodge, we do not have a generator. We do not want to pollute the tranquil nights with the sound of rumbling generators so we are installing silent battery backup units.

We also provide our own organic and eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner!

Our Eco friends

Pirana for our septic treatment system.
Eco Tropical Resorts we are one of only a handful of tourism-based lodgings that hold a full Honduran environmental licence and permit. We adhere to a closely monitored environmental management system that is rated by a comprehensive program by Eco Tropical Resorts.
We consistently take part in Fish monitoring programs, clean-up programs and food drives that donate to the under privileged on Roatan. We try to encourage the reuse of everyday rubbish to support fellow businesses that do the same, especially Rusty Fish - where you can purchase locally made artwork all from recycled materials.

Local Beach Clean Up

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