Supporting the environment

We constantly work towards making Tranquilseas’ impact on the environment, the sea, and also the local inhabitants, is as small as possible.

We try to support sustainable development and employment, and we also try to raise awareness about ecology and our attitude towards the island’s nature and resources.

We have many rain traps at Tranquilseas, as well as a sophisticated system for cleaning waste water. We only use cleaning detergents that are biodegradable and do not damage the local groundwater. We then use the cleaned waste water to water the plants in our garden, returning what nature so generously lent us.

The entire resort has been built using as much labour and material from local tradesmen as possible. This way we can both support the local community as well as provide our guests with an authentic experience.

We also try to minimize our electricity consumption and are planning on installing our own solar power system as soon as possible. Our water is heated using solar energy in the form of thermal collectors on the roof of the main building.

All our rooms and the restaurant are equipped with water dispensers in reusable containers. Upon arrival, our guests receive a water bottle that can be refilled and used when travelling around the island. This is a way for us to try to reduce the millions of tons of plastic waste created by drinks sold in single-use packaging.

We are keen supporters of Roatan Marine Park, which actively educates local inhabitants and, just like us, tries to ensure that Roatan remains a wonderful island covered in greenery, animals and happy people.

Cleaning the local beach