A love for the environment and respect towards people

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We will be honoured if you decide to spend your holiday at our family-run resort.

Trust us when we say that it will be a rare experience. Forget about crowds of tourist and selfie-hunters, forget about hotels with hundreds of identical rooms, having to queue up for breakfast, and grumpy staff.

This is Tranquilseas. This is where time has stopped. This is where you can just be. Just be, feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the taste of Caribbean rum on your tongue.

Discover a place where the barman knows your name and your favourite drink, where the chefs serve up miracles on plates, and where we will show you how to spend a perfect holiday. That is our philosophy.

To create a calm oasis and a relaxed atmosphere. To forget about television, the news and Wi-Fi. To free oneself from the everyday life and experience something unforgettable. Do yoga, eat wonderful food, go diving and discover the island.

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Tranquilseas has something for everyone wanting to relax and experience an unusual holiday.

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Showing respect towards the amazing nature on Roatan is also part of our philosophy. That is why we only use ecological cleaning detergents, avoid chemicals and try to minimize our impact on the environment. Our drinks come in reusable packaging and we make our own lemonade. All of our guests are given a bottle, which can always be refilled with drinking water from dispensers available in every room. This is to help avoid drinks in single-use packaging that create plastic waste. The soap and shampoo dispensers in our rooms are refillable. We do not use any single-use packaging, straws or plastic cups, and we clean our beach every day.

The beach is a natural beach with seaweed. We do not allow any changes that would irreparably damage the marine life. Two mangroves, which previously covered the entire beach, have found a safe haven by our jetty. We are not able to return everything to its original state, but we can do our best to make sure our actions improve the natural environment on the island.

Staying with us, you can be sure that your holiday will not cause a negative impact on the island’s untouched nature. We want our son to live in a place that will give him a good life, even after we have gone.