Where to find the best medical care?

Roatan is a safe tourist destination. But should you run into some unexpected health issues we are ready to help and can recommend an experienced doctor or clinic.

The closest medical service is just a three-minute drive away. There is always an experienced doctor at the centre and they have a hyperbaric chamber for divers as well as a laboratory to evaluate basic examinations. The local doctors also make home calls to our hotel.

In the case of a more serious issue or if you need further examinations, we recommend the newly opened clinic Cemesa. We have used the clinic several times and warmly recommend it based our our personal experience. All the doctors are very thorough and the staff is very helpful and empathetic. The clinic has modern operating theatres, laboratories, a ward for inpatients, computed tomography, and radiology. A paediatrician is always called in to attend to children. The provided care and equipment is on par with the services in the EU.

The clinic cooperates with most travel insurance companies. However, we recommend that you double-check with your insurance company.

Most doctors on the island speak good English.

To avoid having to seek medical attention, keep these simple rules in mind:

  • Avoid direct sunlight. The Caribbean sun is very strong.
  • Always use sun cream. We recommend using a sun cream that has a mineral filter that does not harm the beautiful marine life.
  • Keep your head covered, especially children.
  • Make sure you drink enough water. All our guests are given a refillable water bottle. All our rooms are equipped with water dispensers filled with drinking water. This will help you stay hydrated without polluting the environment with plastic bottles.
  • Use insect repellent if you are outside during dusk or dawn.
  • Do not exert yourself too much, especially during the first few days of your stay. This will help you body adapt to the different environment and time zone.
  • For some people the different food may also cause trouble. Keep this in mind when choosing meals.