Ten reasons that will make you fall in love with Roatan

Roatan is a wonderful, clean island in the Caribbean.

Here are ten reasons why you should choose to spend your holiday on our island and gain some unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Virgin nature

Roatan is a wonderful island that is green all year round and is full of tropical fauna. Even a simple drive becomes an incredible and unforgettable experience.


Roatan, a place to be alone

It may be hard to believe, but Roatan is home to wonderful natural beaches, where you can spend time alone. Without any selfie-hunters or tourists. Just you and Mother Nature.


Gastronomical experiences

Produce that is otherwise hard to come by on the mainland is a part of everyday life here. Crab, lobster, seafood, fish and all kinds of things that make your mouth water. A holiday here is quite the experience for gourmets.


Marine life

The world’s second largest coral barrier reef is just off Roatan. There is quite the spectacle waiting just under the surface of the water. It is an experience to remember, not just for divers. The multi-coloured fish and incredible coral formations are happy to show off to everyone.


Fairy-tale beaches

Did you know that Roatan is home to one of the top five most beautiful beaches in the world? No? Then you’d better come see the beautiful West Bay beach with your own eyes, just to be sure.


An island full of smiles

The locals are kind and happy, and they spread a cheery, laid-back kind of atmosphere and you’ll soon catch it too. This atmosphere definitely adds to your stay here. Whereas photos often remain in your phone, this soul-warming experience will stick in your mind forever.


Roatan, the little big island

Roatan may not be a very large island geographically, but you will surely not get bored here. There is so much to do, that a single stay is not enough. Take a look at the day trips we offer around the island and you will see that this is going to be an unforgettable holiday!



If you are travelling with children, you are surely asking yourself “what if...?” Is there good medical care on the island? The simple answer is “yes”. There is a modern clinic with all the usual equipment according to European standards.

More information under the section healthcare.



It is perhaps not the most pleasant topic, but safety is an important part of every holiday. Roatan is a safe place to go on holiday. Like everywhere else in the world, there are petty thefts and offences, but no more than in most developed countries.


We will leave the last space blank

You can fill it in yourself next time you come to see us. Because once you visit Roatan, you cannot wait to come back again...