Perfect food makes for a perfect holiday

Tasting the local cuisine is an unforgettable part of any holiday.

The food here is a mix of Mexican and Honduran food and has also been heavily influenced by American cuisine. Surprisingly enough, although they may look similar, Honduran food is not as hot and spicy as Mexican food is.

The local cuisine is based on the same staples all over the island: rice served with beans, or a kind of wheat pancake called tortilla served with meat. Baleadas and tortillas are made of wheat or corn flour and each family has their own special recipe. Properly prepared tortillas taste fantastic and are found on every Honduran breakfast table. Before choosing a restaurant, make sure they only serve home-made food.
Our next chapter is about seafood. Roatan is simply a paradise for seafood lovers. Crab, lobster, octopus... They are all prepared in various ways and the results tend to be delicacies. Fish is either fried or grilled on a barbecue, and the portions are usually both large and delicious.
Most meals are served with fried plaintain, which is a green banana. Fried yucca crisps called cassava, are often served too.
The locals tend to eat pork during celebrations. Pork is not otherwise commonly eaten and is more expensive than other kinds of meat. Hondurians love spending their Sunday evenings by the barbecue accompanied by beer, music and dance. The people here are friendly and enjoy spending time together and value family ties. Fruit such as fresh pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut, and rambutan are readily available and are both cheap and of high quality.
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There are plenty of restaurants and snack bars on the island, and nowadays there are also many cafés. There is something for everyone, no matter what they are after. The portions are large and generous.

Don’t miss out on having a baleada for breakfast, grilled beef churrasco for lunch, and some local coconut crabs or red snapper fish fillet with a traditional guiffiti sauce for dinner.

Tranquilseas has its own excellent restaurant called Sunken Fish, which is led by the head chef Luise Picholi, who previously won MasterChef in Central America.

Sunken Fish serves almost all the local delicacies as well as a selection of international dishes. On Friday nights we have live music and serve chicken wings with various exotic marinades. These dinners are renowned all over the island. And Tuesday evenings are dedicated to tapas and some calm Latino guitar music. A lot of fun and excellent food is guaranteed. 

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