The owners of Tranquilseas

An unusual hotel in an unusual place

We are often asked what Tranquilseas hotel is like, what people can expect from their stay and why we chose a hotel like this.

Our response is always that it was the hotel that chose us. It chose us long before it even occurred to us that we may one day own a hotel. A hotel on the beach with the most relaxed atmosphere you can find. This place will get to you too. You will be sitting on the terrace enjoying the incredible view of the turquoise-blue water, and you will feel a smile spread across your face. Time will stop, the wind will become a breeze and your heartbeat will slow down. You will feel good here. Just like we do.

We humbly took over the entire resort in October, 2018 and we try to run it so that every guest leaves us with a feeling of utter calm, peace and new energy.

Our story began in Bali back in 2017. Why in Bali? This is where we took our first steps towards our dream life in a warm climate. We fell in love with Bali and it still holds a special place in our heart, but it is not an easy place to live and work. We tried what it was like making a living there and realised that it was not the right place for us.

It was pure chance that led us to Roatan. We got to know some people who worked here as real estate agents. They offered us a small terraced house and we were so taken by everything they told us about the island that we bought the house before we had even seen it. It was a test. We always say if things work out well, we’re on the right track. And things did work out.

We started spending more and more time on Roatan, and were looking for work and business opportunities here. We travelled all over the island looking for a new path to follow, and we ended up travelling along the beach all the way to Tranquilseas. We liked it as soon as we saw it and could not believe that we had never heard of it before. The next day we took our son out on a boat trip. When we got back from the trip, we were ravished, but none of the restaurants by the dock were open for lunch. We were in a bad mood and our stomachs were rumbling as we set off to find the nearest place that was open. And guess which sign was the first to pop up along the road? Yep, it was Tranquilseas. We spent several hours here. The excellent food, peaceful atmosphere and friendly staff made quite the impression on us. Our son fell asleep right after lunch and we were able to really get a feel for the energy of this place. The sea, the fresh air blowing, the hummingbirds. Time seemed to move at a different pace. We did not leave until it was getting dark.

And by chance, our friend invited us to this same place before we flew back home. We wanted to discuss buying a plot of land and building a house to rent out on it. That was as far as our plan went and we were not quite happy with it.  It needed some kind of direction. Something that would help us fulfil our dreams and also ourselves.

“This is our dream. A family resort, a small hotel and a good restaurant, right on the beach!” I exclaimed gesturing towards Tranquilseas in the heat of the discussion. And then our friend’s response, a sentence I will never forget. “Well, it’s for sale, you know.” As our friend worked in real estate, he knew the market all over the island. Neither of us could believe that this gem was actually for sale. With just three days left before our flight home, we did not have much time. There was no meeting with the real estate agent, no meeting with the former owner, we did not even look at the hotel rooms or the grounds.

We just firmly believed that this was our path in life and that it would work out. Neither of us is naturally daring, worldly, talented at languages, or even has a healthy dose of confidence. But we have to say that when you really want something and when you follow the right track, you can do anything. Like buying a hotel in Honduras without even having seen it first.

You just have to firmly believe that this is your path, your story, your future.