They say that the beauty of Roatan is hidden below the surface of the ocean

Set off on an unforgettable underwater journey with us. Forget about the worries of everyday life for a moment and let yourself fall in love with the quiet beauty of the crystal clear waters.

The sea really is blue once you go down deep enough. Light blue turns into turquoise, and deep down it turns a dark blue. The water is transparent and clean and the world of fish and corals is like a rainbow. You will see every single colour in an endless number of different shades. It is incredible. Turtles, tropical fish and octopuses as well as barracudas and tuna fish. It is like an entire underwater show. Just for you.

Roatan is excellent diving location.

The world’s second largest coral reef runs along the entire west coast of the island. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is an impressive 1,000 kilometres long! It is home to about 60 different types of corals and up to 500 kinds of fish. The marine national park Islas de la Bahía, which covers 647,152 hectares, is right next to Roatan.

Roatan is the perfect place for divers and snorkelers.

In places, the coral reef goes all the way up to the surface, which means that everyone can enjoy it. If you prefer watching the fish from a safe distance you can go on a boat trip or go fishing.

Our diving centre has all the equipment you need, whether you are an absolute beginner or a very experienced diver. It also has everything you need if you want to go snorkelling or attend a traditional fishing class. For more information and prices, see the section ‘Diving’.

Divers can choose from a whole range of dives, from simple to challenging, depending on how much experience they have. And you can of course get your diving licence here or take diving tests.

If you are feeling really brave you can even go diving with sharks. Diving in the open sea with these kings of the marine world is the surest way to get an adrenaline rush at Roatan. Please note that there is no safety cage protecting the divers from direct contact with the sharks. It is up to each diver to decide if this is a suitable diving experience for them. Keep in mind that sharks are wild animals and that it is not possible to foretell how they will behave.