Vacation in huge hotel resort? Nope, thanks!

Little hotels have a huge hearts!

There is the time when even an owner of hotel needs to blow off steam and let others to take care of everything for a while. Visit other place to see the difference between Caribbean and Mediterranean sea and hide somewhere inside a large resort to enjoy some family time. Just to remind himself why he wanted to buy that little Caribbean hotel with the “real food restaurant”!

After a month of quarantine in Czech we decided to visit an amazing Corfu island. Our lovely Roatan had closed borders by that time as well as many other states in USA.  We decided to go to Greece as we couldn’t travel to the west.

We chose a large hotel with All inclusive service on purpose as we wanted to let Cedric enjoy every advantage of the resort, including endless serves of ice cream and crepes as well as swimming pools at every corner. The plan was that every member of our family is going to be satisfied. Mum will read a book and Dad will enjoy the pools with Cedric. Simply the perfect scenario of dream holidays…

… but we had no idea what experience we will get!


Vacation in huge hotel resort? Nope, thanks!

At the reception we have got a very neutral greeting with no smile at all, not even little friendly talks! We understand that there is not easy situation for everyone to be at and of course the distance have to be respected, but people can be still polite to each other in every situation, right?

We really missed the morning cup of coffee on terrace at our Tranquilseas hotel, hearing Hola! Hola! from everyone who just came to work. Smile is for free so why people keep it for themselves?

Let me tell you something about eating in the large hotel buffet… It is almost impossible to find a chef who can tell you which dish does not contain lactose at all. As I suffer from heavy allergic to lactose, believe me or not eat just an eggs, veggies and fruits for about a week in row, it’s nothing what I would suggest to anyone.

We desperately looked for the delicious Greece cuisine throughout our stay. Did people stop to cook? Nowadays it’s trendy to buy nicely packed food which you can just put into microwave, press a button and heat it up. But is it really necessary to do it at restaurants as well? This way we change the awesome smell of fresh food into weird chemical aroma. It is absolutely no problem to get a cheeseburger without cheese or strawberry dessert with no strawberries.

Food is something what makes us happy and give us an energy! Let’s get back to it!

To eat, drink, laugh and socialized with people around a table, to feel the smell in every corner of hotel. Close your eyes and inhale it! Grilled fish, fresh pineapple and papaya or homemade mango ice cream.

Nothing else than gifts of the island… This is the real life at the real hotel. Same as at our house at home, everything is all about the food. The kitchen gives us the rhythm, direction and energy. We cook, bake and fried!

At our hotel the food connect people. Our guests make friendships. They laugh together, share experiences and the best of all is that they feel like at home!

We are not the place without the soul or the place with an enormous number of employees and guests. We are the little hotel with a huge heart and we are proud of it!


PS: Are you curious what exactly we offer at our restaurant? Check out the menu at The Sunken Fish restaurant

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