What to pack for your holidays on Roatan?

You’ve got your flight tickets and only need to pack now? Great. Let’s do it the other way around though and first cross out the items you certainly won’t need.

Socks. It’s become a habit to wear socks and we always tend to pack an extra pair or two, just in case. You will certainly not need socks on the island. It’s either very warm here or it’s raining. In neither scenario you are going to feel comfortable wearing socks.

We recommend packing two pairs of flip flops instead. Those are the best island shoes for sand and rain. Water simply goes in and out and you don’t need to worry about drying socks or shoes.

You can apply a similar approach to all sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and jeans you were planning to pack. It takes a true islander to wear jeans in 86°F.

For the ladies, the same applies when it comes to high heels. There aren’t many pavements on the island. You will find sand or gravel paths in most places. The fashion is quite simple. Flip flops and a lightweight summer dress will do the trick. The only exception is the extra clothes you will need on the plane.

What to pack to Honduras?

Check the short list below as an addition to the usual items such as swimsuit, hat and summer clothes.

  • Rashguard or a t-shirt for swimming.
  • SPF50 sunscreens.
  • Medicine, probiotics and repellents.
  • For ladies – hygiene products.
  • Food for your baby, creams and first aid kit for children.
  • Water bottle.

You can buy all of the above items on the island. However, you might not be able to find the same products or quality you are used to getting back at home in Europe, the USA or Canada.

Sensitive kids skin especially can show a bad reaction to a different composition of creams, repellents or baby food.


There is a tropical climate and high humidity on the island. The humidity can reach over 90%. It usually stays around 86%, when it’s not raining.
We recommend packing lightweight cotton clothing. There is usually a nice breeze coming from the sea however there are days when it gets really hot with no wind. That’s usually at the end of August and the whole month of September which is the hottest time of the year.

When is the best time to go to Roatan Island?

Clothing with UV protection

We recommend clothing with UPF50 protection. It’s a must-have for children and highly recommended for all adults. The sun is very strong and can cause sunburns or allergic reactions within few minutes. And the time flies when you are snorkeling and enjoying the mesmerizing underwater world especially. I am wearing UPF50 clothing from Aurora wetsuits which are also available on the island.


The same rules apply to sunscreens. They are a must-have. If you choose an eco brand which is reef safe and doesn’t pollute the oceans you will do a great favor to the whole island and underwater world. The island gets tens of thousands of visitors yearly. Washing off regular sunscreens and repellents in the sea becomes highly noticeable and impacts the fragile ecosystem. Please choose your cosmetics carefully and preferably pick eco brand and packaging.

An after-bite gel will also come in handy.

Medicine and water

There is a high standard of medical care on the island and you can also find most prescription meds in the pharmacies. However, we do recommend bringing your prescription meds with you and not take any risks. There might be a shortage in supply or the available meds might have a slightly different composition.

Tap water on the island is not safe to drink. Always drink bottled water. If you mind the ecological impact and would rather not leave tens of plastic bottles behind you can always refill your bottle from water dispensers available in the resort free of charge. Let’s not forget the single-use plastic bottles make up for most trash in the sea.

Sockets, plugs and voltage on Roatan

There are American style sockets and plugs in Honduras, type A and B. The standard voltage is 110V. The electricity is reliable and power cuts are quite rare now.

What else could I use?

It’s good to bring your mobile phone. You can buy a local SIM card from Tigo or Claro and get a decent data package deal. You can always reach us at our telephone number or WhatsApp if you need.

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